We traveled to Lima, Ohio, where I talked with C.L. Geiger who started the company Healthy Green & Smart.   She said the general public (in the face of global warming, vanishing species, toxic pollution…) is starting to wake up … Continue reading


We went to the “Black Swamp Arts & Crafts Festival” in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio.   The kids and I walked around passing out flyers.   Several people said they’d seen the Toledo newscast about the campaign.   Artist Michael … Continue reading


Yesterday while in Sandusky, we stopped at the Stillwaters Coffee Cafe.   If you want, there is a table where you can write stuff on with a black magic marker.   I wrote:   Vote “average Joe” Schriner for president. … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont:   I stopped back in Berlin Heights, Ohio (pop. 800), where I stumped some more in the downtown.   (It’s our belief, if you don’t carry Berlin Heights — you won’t carry the country.)   I … Continue reading


For Labor Day yesterday, I labored.   I stumped in downtown Berlin Heights, Ohio.  I also  interviewed Jack Vandebemt.   He was collecting signatures for his 71-year-old, soon to be father-in-law,  Albert Maynard.   (The family was collecting signatures to … Continue reading