Our family does “prayer time” every morning, with our kids sometimes having the opportunity to prepare short “teachings” on their own.   Yesterday our Sarah, 12, passed out sheets of paper to each of us that said:   “A talent … Continue reading


I’ve just been approached by Ryan Yocum of the Ohio News Network.   He’s an “average Joe” in Columbus  who does a show about “average Joes” and sports.   He’s coming to Cleveland to film me playing pick-up basketball with … Continue reading


Our family saw the showing of a documentary on Catholic Worker co-founder Dorothy Day the other night at St. Augustine’s Church in Cleveland.   Before it started, someone passed out copies of the magazine:   Alternatives for Simple Living.   … Continue reading


Notes from my wife (and ‘almost First Lady’)  Liz:   “As we often do when we are home in Cleveland, I and the children volunteered at the Storefront Drop-In Center on Saturday morning.   The Storefornt is a Catholic Worker … Continue reading