Several days ago we had stopped in Rome, Georgia where we met with Tom Farmer. Farmer has studied the writings of G.K. Chesterton at length and informed us about the American Chesterton Society. One of the things Chesterton championed was … Continue reading


We have come to the Koinonia Community on the outskirts of Americus, Georgia. Established in 1942, this is a group of Christians living together in community around a pecan farm. Former President Jimmy Carter, who lives 10 miles away in … Continue reading


Traveled to Americus, Georgia where we toured Habitat for Humanity’s “Global Village” and interviewed site manager Linda Mills. Habitat volunteers from all over the country have come and built a mock, Third World slum here. Cracker box, one-room dwellings are … Continue reading


I interviewed Rome, Georgia’s Joe Gesing today. He is involved with the “One Church – One Inmate Program” at St. Mary’s Church here. The church “team” for this program sends letters to the inmate, visits the inmate in prison, helps … Continue reading