Was interviewed by Jasmine Rangel of the Lake City (FL) Reporter. I said the night before I talked to a youth group in her city about worldwide hunger, including that 24,000 people starve to death every day in the world. … Continue reading


Gave a talk to Clare Teixeira’s youth group at Epiphany Catholic Church in Lake City, Florida. I said when people are on the verge of starving to death, they get distended stomachs because without protein in their systems, the body … Continue reading


Met with Teresa Walsh in San Antonia, Florida. For ten years, their family put up her mother and father in an ‘grandparents suite’ in their ranch style home. (The grandparents lived in a converted basement, with a kitchen and so … Continue reading


Today is my 50th birthday. My wife Liz, 38, with her characteristic sensitivity and aplomb, said: “Wow, I didn’t realize how old this was going to make me feel.


Toured Morning Star Fisherman, a non-denominational project in the outskirts of Dade City, Florida. Morning Star has developed an excellent teaching “fish farm.” They raise Tilapia here, which reportedly has the highest protein content of any fish in the world. … Continue reading


The Terri Schiavo case down here continues to get a good deal of national press. (She is a severely brain-damaged woman at Woodside Hospital in Florida whose life hangs in the balance because her former husband is fighting to take … Continue reading


Traveled south to Dade City, Florida where I interviewed Fr. Edwin Palka at St. Rita’s Church. A good percentage of the church is Hispanic, and a good percentage of those are illegal. When I asked, on average, how much these … Continue reading


Went to hear a talk by Dr. Chuck Baldwin in Ocala, Florida today. He was the Campaign 2004 Consitution Party vice-presidential candidate. Dr. Baldwin, who is a well-known Christian pastor, said both major parties are “owned by big money interests.” … Continue reading


Interviewed Teresa Pinkos, who is the director of the “Maria Goretti House” (for women in crisis pregnancy) in Ocala, Florida. Opened in 1997, some 65 women have found shelter, and love, here. The House is non-profit and staffed by area … Continue reading