We headed into North Carolina, stopping in Lexington. There’s a candy store on the main street here that was doing a bustling last minute Christmas business. We strategically parked our RV (with all the signage) outside the store and passed … Continue reading


Interviewed Christine Lee, who works for the non-profit Seeds of Literacy Adult Education Program in Cleveland. She said endemic to the inner city, students sometimes fall through the cracks when it comes to literacy. That is, they sometimes only learn … Continue reading


Met with Ian Heisey who is involved with Cleveland’s Community Development Corporation project. Cleveland has 21 CDC programs throughout the city, all with a focus on improving the quality of life within the neighborhoods. Heisey is involved with the CDC … Continue reading


Spent the week updating more of the position papers [see: “Life Issues”], readying for our next tour, and preparing for a talk I gave tonight at Cleveland’s Whitman House. The monthly event is called: “Soup and Substance.” And tonight I … Continue reading