I recently interviewed Todd Kennedy who does a Tumbling Class for neighborhood kids in a hardscrabble area here.   Mr. Kennedy grew up in an even rougher area on Cleveland’s eastside in the Hough area.   He and some friends … Continue reading


Time to weigh in on this house crisis thing… According to a Washington Post   article this week, the Bush Administration is “completing a plan to help thousands of homeowners at risk of foreclosure by helping them refinance into more-affordable … Continue reading


Spent the week updating more of the position papers [see: “Life Issues”], readying for our next tour, and preparing for a talk I gave tonight at Cleveland’s Whitman House. The monthly event is called: “Soup and Substance.” And tonight I … Continue reading


Thanksgiving. This morning while volunteering at the “Storefront,” a Catholic Worker outreach here in Cleveland, we met a man who had slept outside last night — the temperature: 20 degrees. We invited him to our apartment so he didn’t have … Continue reading


The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported violent crime is up in the city this year, led by more homicides. And our section of Cleveland, recently, reflects some of this trend… About a week ago, there was a street corner gun fatality … Continue reading


I’m working on a column about a program we researched recently at the University of Dayton. The Chaminade Program at UD is designed to get students thinking about career more in terms of “vocation,” than merely just another secular job. … Continue reading


Heading back to Ohio on I-75, we met Joe and Carole Ellis, who were heading home to Louisville, Kentucky from Oaxaca, Mexico. Each winter they go down to this extremely poor area of Mexico in their small XPlorer motor home, … Continue reading