For the past several days, I continue to work on Vote Smart’s “2008 Presidential Candidate Political Courage Test.”   Part of the test calls for 100 word essays on various topics.   The following is another of those answers per: … Continue reading


Americans across the board seem to want to hear politicians talk tough on terrorism.   So to oblige, our campaign will too.   And we have recently posted a position on terrorism where we primarily take to task: American forms … Continue reading


I’ve just been approached by the Green Party in Virginia to participate in a series of Independent Presidential Candidate Debates they are setting up at colleges throughout that state…   This past week, I’ve also been finishing up our position … Continue reading


In Bradford, Ohio today, I interviewed Richard Brogden who was back visiting his mother here. Brogden currently lives in Israel and is pastor of the Narkis Street Congregation there. He said trouble continues to brew in Isreal, despite the giving … Continue reading


We’ve headed into Iowa, where we stopped in Newton. There I interviewed Fr. Ernie Braida who has helped coordinate a Sister Church program with a church in El Salvador. He said they regularly send parishioners (including medical personnel) to help … Continue reading