The New York Times reported today that President Obama will be reversing Bush administration limits on federal financing for embryonic stem cell research at a ceremony on Monday.   According to the article, Obama said this  signals a  general return … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   We ended our pit-stop in Cleveland and have headed back out onto the back roads of Ohio.   In Wooster, Ohio, farmer Ed Schafrath (brother of former Cleveland Brown Dick Schafrath), told me he … Continue reading


We did a whistle-stop event in downtown Stuebenville.   Reporter Dave Gossett from the Herald Star newspaper interviewed me.   I said we believed in a consistent life ethic that sets us against abortion, euthanasia, embyronic stem cell research, pollution, … Continue reading


The topic of embryonic stem cell research has been in the newspapers that past several days since Bill Frist announced he believes there should be federal funding for this. I don’t. Several years ago I attended a seminar in Michigan … Continue reading