Yesterday I wrote an entry about breaking the 5th Commandment (“Thou shalt not kill.”) within the context of America’s poor environmental track record and it’s ongoing fatal ramifications. Today the theme continues… San Francisco Chronicle reporter James Sterngold wrote a … Continue reading


An Associated Press article last week reported on a missile that blasted more than 100 miles into the atmosphere from Alaska’s Kodiak Island in the first of several tests planned this year for the National Missile Defense System. It is … Continue reading


Met with a human rights activist from Columbia, South America. He is currently in the U.S. to raise awareness (behind the scenes) about the plight of the poor living deep in the forests of his country. According to this activist, … Continue reading


The following is some other highlights from our week in Nebraska… We took the kids to an old Pony Express Station in Gothenburg. The Pony Express was put out of business by: the telegraph. And now it’s: Instant Messaging. When’s … Continue reading


We have finished Rte. 160 in southern Colorado and are heading north. In Pueblo, Colorado, I interviewed a woman whose husband had died two years ago of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (a form of cancer). He had been a “missilier.” That is, … Continue reading


While in South Bend, Indiana, I interviewed Professor Mike Griffin who teaches theology at Holy Cross College here. He is also quite active with the Catholic Peace Fellowship Group and believes there should be provision for those soldiers who believe … Continue reading