average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We were told the Circleville Pumpkin Festival outdraws the Ohio State Fair.   So, of course, this was our next stop.   There were pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream (yuk), pumpkin cup cakes… … Continue reading


We did a whistle-stop event in downtown Stuebenville.   Reporter Dave Gossett from the Herald Star newspaper interviewed me.   I said we believed in a consistent life ethic that sets us against abortion, euthanasia, embyronic stem cell research, pollution, … Continue reading


“average JoeOhio Tour” cont:   I gave a talk at Sacred Heart Church in Fremont today.   The reading during the Mass was about the Isrealites of old worshipping false gods, like “Baahl.”   I said our modern day false … Continue reading


I was interviewed by columnist Frank Grey of the Ft. Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette yesterday. He asked a series of rather probing questions about my platform, then he asked: “How have you changed since you started running for president?” It … Continue reading


We headed further east on Rte. 106 into Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where Fr. Pedro at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church said a college friend’s uncle had a lucrative law practice until 1973, the year abortion was legalized in America. Immediately … Continue reading