Haiti…   Before the earthquake, Haiti was the second poorest country in the world.   To quell persistent, acute hunger pains, a significant number of people there were eating patties made of mud, oil and flour.   While this was … Continue reading


Just finished an article about “Hip Hop” music.   It ran in National Geographic.   Writer James McBride categorizes some of Hip Hop as “social commentary.”   And he went to Dakar, Senegal, to search for the African roots of … Continue reading


I hate to be a party pooper, but… I was talking to a political science professor over the weekend who said that $24 million   had been raised just the Inaugural Ball activity, etc.   What’s more, some five million … Continue reading


I gave a talk  to a high school “Justice Group” in Cleveland this week.   It is part of the Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (www.cspj.net) network here.   I learned the group has sponsored such events as “Dance … Continue reading