Shootings at Columbine, at Virginia Tech and at so many other  schools these days are the far end of a violence continuum.   The other night I went to an information session in Cleveland about how to short circuit some … Continue reading


Gave a talk at St. Joseph’s Church in Modesto, California, about Pro-Life issues today. I said in Nazi Germany during World War II trains would come down the tracks Sunday mornings carrying screaming Jewish children and their wailing parents. The … Continue reading


I interviewed Felix Lohitai who was at Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, to look at part of the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. Lohitai is in the Peace Studies Program at Manchester College in Indiana. (Koinonia was at … Continue reading


The family and I went to Mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church yesterday. The priest said in the old days if a prophet brought a hard message, there was a “shoot the messenger” mentality. However today, the priest said we … Continue reading