“average JoeOhio Tour cont.”   I stumped early in the morning at Rosie’s Soup & Such Restaurant in Tiffin, Ohio.   Great place!   Owner Lori Brown was buzzing about serving patrons, and inbetween trips to the tables, was stirring … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from the beginning of a column I’m currently working on: Okay, let’s talk “weapons of mass destruction.” They seem to be causing the darndest problems these days. We thought Iraq had them. And boy, look … Continue reading


I was interviewed by Mike Smith who is Director of News Operations for a group of Clear Channel Radio Stations throughout a five county area of southern Ohio. He asked me why I considered myself average. I said: “Because I … Continue reading


Talked with Meagan Kresge today on Cleveland’s near westside. She is a staunch anti-nuclear activist who traveled to Japan last year to participate in an International Walk for Peace in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 59th anniversary of the atomic … Continue reading