Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   We continue to stump in Ohio.   Last night we stopped in tiny Waynesville, Ohio, where ‘Joe the house painter (that would be me)’ met ‘Steve the house painter’ in the Fan Pizza  joint … Continue reading


In the last entry, I talk in general terms about the tremendous disparity between most Americans and most people in the Third World.   Today at the drop-in center my family volunteers at in Cleveland, I came across a New … Continue reading


We live in the inner city of Cleveland (intentionally) and volunteer at a Catholic Worker outreach to the poor here.   Today we learned one of the homeless  men who goes to the outreach froze to death over the weekend. … Continue reading


I’ve just been approached by Ryan Yocum of the Ohio News Network.   He’s an “average Joe” in Columbus  who does a show about “average Joes” and sports.   He’s coming to Cleveland to film me playing pick-up basketball with … Continue reading


“average JoeOhio Tour” cont:   I gave a talk at Sacred Heart Church in Fremont today.   The reading during the Mass was about the Isrealites of old worshipping false gods, like “Baahl.”   I said our modern day false … Continue reading


In the last post, I talked about being at a “Prayer Service to Abolish the Death Penalty.”    During the  service, facilitator Tim Musser read the following:   Capital punishment is not what Jesus taught.   It is what he … Continue reading


After our time at the “Open Door Community” in Atlanta (see last entry), we hopscotched down Rte. 19. We stopped in Griffin, Georgia, where a gas station worker was singing Louisiana Nights to the radio while she was waiting on … Continue reading