Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.:   It’s been somewhat of a whirlind since we launched on this final tour through Ohio.   We stopped in Yorkshire, Ohio, where we met with the Kremers and the Smiths, both organic farming families … Continue reading


Dan Kremer, an organic farmer in Yorkshire, Ohio, just sent me something from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.   It was titled: Eating Is A Moral Act.   One of the issues raised was: “Supporting fair wages and healthy … Continue reading


Our family went to a “Thirsting in the Desert” Lenten prayer service at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland.   One of the readings was about Jesus fasting in the desert and then being exposed to a series of temptations … Continue reading


Black History Month:   We’ve come to the Koinonia Community in Americus, Georgia. (This is our second visit here.) I talked with Mercer College Professor Greg Domin. He had a group of students here from Mercer College in Macon, Georgia. … Continue reading


For prayer time yesterday, I read the family part of a front page NY Times article about the desperate conditions in the Congo. According to the article, in less than a decade more than 400 million people have died there. … Continue reading


Cleveland — Persistent rains battered the region yesterday… started a Plain Dealer article today. In 24 hours, the area had an average rainfall of about 5 inches. In Kenya, it only rains 9 inches, a year. In Tanzania sometimes, it’s … Continue reading