We are in motion again… Our first stop was Plains, Georgia, home of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. At a stop in downtown Plains, I leafed through one of Mr. Carter’s most recent books: Our Moral Crisis. We then drove … Continue reading


I interviewed Millard Fuller who is the founder of Habitat for Humanity. He is now heading up The Fuller Center for Housing in Americus, Georgia. The Center focuses on building houses for people in need. “Unashamedly Christian and enthusicasitally ecumenical, … Continue reading


I interviewed Chandler Thomasson who came to Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, with his wife Alice. Alice is vice-president of Habitat for Humanity in Morgan County, Ohio. (Koinonia is the birthplace for Habitat for Humanity and it’s national headquarters is … Continue reading


I interviewed Felix Lohitai who was at Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, to look at part of the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. Lohitai is in the Peace Studies Program at Manchester College in Indiana. (Koinonia was at … Continue reading


Traveled to Americus, Georgia where we toured Habitat for Humanity’s “Global Village” and interviewed site manager Linda Mills. Habitat volunteers from all over the country have come and built a mock, Third World slum here. Cracker box, one-room dwellings are … Continue reading


Met with Megan Wilson who is the project manager for Cleveland’s new “City Wheels” project. An environmental initiatives, City Wheels has a fleet of hybrid cars (gas and electric) that are available for rent to area people. Ms. Wilson said … Continue reading


We traveled to Xenia, Ohio where I interviewed Tom Griffis who helps co-ordinate Habitat for Humanity projects here. He told me one of the Habitat house initiatives in Xenia the year before pulled together 12 churches to help. Besides making … Continue reading


Met with George Bartosh in Ocala, Florida. He is originally from Minnesota and had a cabin on, what he swears, is the “Lake Woebogone” story teller Garrison Keillor talks about each week on his Public Radio show. (The actual name … Continue reading