The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a story yesterday about a home in Shaker Heights which is being considered one of the “greenest new houses in the nation.”   The home features a cistern for rainwater collection, windows to maximize  solar … Continue reading


After finishing up at the Green Party Convention, we decided to do a “Keystone State Tour” through Pennsylvania.   In Lewistown, my son Joseph and I played basketball on a Sunday afternoon with a group of high school students.   … Continue reading


We traveled from the debate in D.C. to the Green Party National Convention in Reading, Pennsylvania.   The three days at the Convention were a whirlwind for us.   I had declared to vy for the Green Party nomination among … Continue reading


I was interviewed by a reporter from the Modesto Bee, a large newspaper in mid-California. The reporter asked me how the cross-country campaigning has been influencing the children. I said our Sarah, 10, has been exposed to a tremendous amount … Continue reading


I was interviewed by reporter Kevin Buey of the Headlight, a daily newspaper in Deming, New Mexico. The day before, Buey had written an excellent piece about a “Southwest Desert Sustainability Project” slated for the area. Southwest Desert Sustainabilty is … Continue reading


While in Alamosa, Colorado, I also met with Brian Benke. He participates in a Community Sponsored Agriculture project here in connection with El Sagrado Farms. People in the area buy “shares” at the beginning of the season ($450 a share). … Continue reading


I learned of a rather fascinating building in downtown Cleveland today. The five-story office complex is being billed as a “green building” and is being used as a model. There are solar panels and raised bed gardens on the roof. … Continue reading